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Why Insecure Women Need to Watch Porn

I just had a revelation watching Proxy Paige get some DP action. I am not even kidding. Insecure women need to watch more porn. Here’s why: Understanding men will be much easier. I mean…come on. We all have sexual urges. … Continue reading

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Why You Should Tell Your Kids That You Feel Fat!

Contrary to popular belief, I am of the opinion that you should never lie to your children. “What???”, you say…”but I don’t lie to them either.” YEA YOU DO! When you hide that you’re feeling crappy about yourself one day … Continue reading

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How the Liberal Media Strengthened the Monster via ‘Linguistic Neglect’: Trump

Donald Trump’s rise to fame started before he ever decided to run for president. His muppet like antics and his inability to watch his mouth are something many stressed out, pissed off, overworked and large-dreaming Americans love. He is entertaining. … Continue reading

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Why Germany is so tough to adjust to

Moving to a foreign country is normal nowadays. But a change of environment can lead to a type of helplessness, a ‘culture shock’, brought on by small deviations from what one considers the norm. So when I moved back to … Continue reading

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Great Britain’s Unwritten Constitution

  Great Britain is a country with a vast history. It has endured many years of existence and many changes have taken place. From a political perspective, a written constitution is a considerable step in the establishment of a working … Continue reading

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Why Great Britain is not really a Constitutional Monarchy

The United Kingdom is considered a constitutional monarchy with a unitary government in the form of a parliament. This term will now be put under the microscope: Is it really representative of the current system? Here are some interesting facts: … Continue reading

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Culture Shock Germany – Deconstructing German Stereotypes

In the States you are force-fed all kinds of stereotypes about Germans. Either we see the grumpy and overly critical German on “The Simpsons” or experience public media notions of German superiority in the form of market domination in the auto … Continue reading

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