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Probleme der Definition und der Abgrenzung von Umgangssprache. Antworten auf „Danke“ in der Region Bremen / Niedersachsen

Das Wort ‚Umgangssprache‘ ist im Duden, wie folgt, definiert: 1. (Sprachwissenschaft) Sprache, die im täglichen Umgang mit anderen Menschen verwendet wird; nicht der Standardsprache entsprechende, aber weitgehend akzeptierte, meist gesprochene überregionale Sprache 2. Sprache, in der eine Gruppe miteinander umgeht, … Continue reading

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Apologetic Academics or Making a Case for Neutrality? – Another ‘Blackface’ Issue

Here is my summary of Richard Burt’s 2006 essay on the use of ‘blackface’ in the film Stage Beauty. In the first two chapters of his 5 chapter-article “Backstage Pass(ing): Stage Beauty, Othello and the Makeup of Race”, Richard Burt … Continue reading

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Is there such a thing as Neutrality in the Media?

SOMETIMES! Linguistic Analysis of a Guardian Article from The Crime Section Subject of investigation in this grammar analysis is an article written by Steven Morris and published by the Guardian on March 9, 2016 by the name Polish murder suspect … Continue reading

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Should Past ‘White-Centric’ Misrepresentations of Blackness Be Erased from Academic Discourse? (A Summary)

Or do they serve the purpose of showing us what we do not want to repeat? Here is one perspective: Peter Holland, professor of Shakespeare Studies, and Associate Dean for the Arts at the University of Notre Dame, makes a … Continue reading

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“Nur glückliche Orangen in der Saftpresse”

Präsenz am Beispiel von OK Kids „Gute Menschen“ Der Begriff der Präsenz nach Gumbrecht Literaturwissenschaftler und Universitätsprofessor an der Standford University, Hans-Ulrich Gumbrecht, entwickelte in den 1990ern ein Forschungsgebiet, welches sich mit den Wirkungen der Materialität von Texten auseinandersetzt, wodurch … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Stereotypes

The phenomenon of stereotyping in the media is covered vastly in academic research. The term “stereotype” can be defined as “[…] a fixed, over generalized belief about a particular group or class of people.” (Cardwell 1996). In social psychology, the … Continue reading

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Post-Agreement Irish Literature (A lecture by Dr. Heidemann-Malreddy)

Dr. Birte Heidemann-Malreddy is a post-doctoral researcher at the Bremen University. Her lecture introduces the audience to post-agreement Northern-Irish literature which represents Northern Ireland’s anxiety and confinement fears in post-agreement Northern Ireland and “forges a new literary paradigm” (Heidemann-Malreddy: 2016). … Continue reading

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