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Should Past ‘White-Centric’ Misrepresentations of Blackness Be Erased from Academic Discourse? (A Summary)

Or do they serve the purpose of showing us what we do not want to repeat? Here is one perspective: Peter Holland, professor of Shakespeare Studies, and Associate Dean for the Arts at the University of Notre Dame, makes a … Continue reading

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Telling It As It Is, Mr. President? The Issue of Donald Trump’s Supposed ‘Word Salad’

Successful communication asserts a common sense when it comes to social interaction. This is especially crucial in the face of the power relation between politicians and their followers. It is a common skill of politicians to be able to properly … Continue reading

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#BlackLivesMatter Activism and Popular Music as a Challenge of Racial Profiling and Police Brutality

When we look at the history of African-American protest, one of the most prevalent issues being challenged is racial profiling and institutional brutality. And when the topics of racial profiling and institutional abuse of power, namely police brutality, are discussed, … Continue reading

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Dr. Derrais Carter: Refusal and Possibility in Black Narrative History

Dr. Derrais Carter is an assistant professor of Black Studies at Portland State University in Oregon, USA. I watched his lecture and felt it would be prudent to summarize it for anyone interested and on a path to researching African-American … Continue reading

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