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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s The Danger of a Single Story & Raising the Subaltern in the Practice of De-colonization

The Danger of a Single Story is a speech of the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The excerpt to be analyzed portrays the social and psychological threat of neglecting the voices of groups of people from literary discourse, as well … Continue reading

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Should Past ‘White-Centric’ Misrepresentations of Blackness Be Erased from Academic Discourse? (A Summary)

Or do they serve the purpose of showing us what we do not want to repeat? Here is one perspective: Peter Holland, professor of Shakespeare Studies, and Associate Dean for the Arts at the University of Notre Dame, makes a … Continue reading

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Post-Agreement Irish Literature (A lecture by Dr. Heidemann-Malreddy)

Dr. Birte Heidemann-Malreddy is a post-doctoral researcher at the Bremen University. Her lecture introduces the audience to post-agreement Northern-Irish literature which represents Northern Ireland’s anxiety and confinement fears in post-agreement Northern Ireland and “forges a new literary paradigm” (Heidemann-Malreddy: 2016). … Continue reading

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Obeah and the West Indian Short Story by Janelle Rodriques

I checked out this lecture a while back. Janelle Rodriques is currently working on her doctorate degree at Bremen University, with a focus on Postcolonial Literature. She is presenting, in her lecture, the findings of her research for part of … Continue reading

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Dr. Ian Watson: First World War Poetry

I saw this lecture in 2014. Dr. Ian Watson is an independent scholar and poet who spent many years teaching at the Bremen University as senior lecturer. His lecture covers first world war poetry from Ireland, which is a topic … Continue reading

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“Reflections on how to read Africa”. A lecture by Dr. Louisa Uchum Egbunike

Dr. Louisa Uchum Egbunike is a lecturer at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, who presented her fascinating lecture at Bremen University in 2016. Her focus of research is African literature, specifically Nigerian literature and its authors. The lecture … Continue reading

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„Bad” Tan-Tan and „Good” Tan-Tan – a psychological analysis of the protagonist in Nalo Hopkinson’s “Midnight Robber”

Nalo Hopkinson’s bildungsroman Midnight Robber tells the story of a young girl named Tan-Tan and her struggle as she is forcefully removed from the safety of her home planet and forced to grow up in a hostile environment, first, under … Continue reading

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