ANEKA BRUNSSEN is a graduate student at the University of Bremen. With a passion for journalism, blogging, fiction and, most of all, non-fiction writing and poetry, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English Speaking Cultures & German Studies, she is extremely active in the realm of expression via the metaphorical pen and paper. Her study focus is cultural studies and literature in fields of postcolonial studies, ethnography, popular culture, critical race theory and gender studies. She has also been involved in research projects in the field of linguistics with a focus on political discourse and is personally interested in philosophy and psychology.

Aneka has written several non-fiction essays, in both German and English, as well as a few short stories, articles, reviews and poetry collections. Her academic work can be purchased via Grin Publishing. Some of her poems have been published in online-journals as well as print magazines. Scheinwerfer Magazine published her article “Culture Shock Bremen”, and her movie review “New Age Perspectives – A Different Kind of Family Drama”, regarding the film Captain Fantastic will be published in the Bücherstadtkurier Bremen. Furthermore, she was a runner-up in the Dutch Limnisa Writing Competition. Her personal blog SELFISH SIMILE is a collection of several non-fiction articles and essays covering a vast range of subjects while her poetry blog SPACE TRASH POETRY is dedicated to poetry that has been described by many as ‘raw’ and ‘real’, dealing with topics ranging from politics to sexual freedom to matters of personal empowerment and spirituality. Her poems have been published by Horror Sleaze Trash in the HST Quarterly, Parentheses Journal & Bücherstadtkurier.

She has spent 7 turbulent years in the US and is currently working on several projects including a poetry and photography collection and a semi-autobiographical piece which will be covering much of her life-events and experiences in the United States, which range from homelessness to spiritual enlightenment.

At the moment, she is founder and editor for The Paradox Review, a literary & arts journal which follows a philosophy of creative expression  representing a way of finding reason in the absurdity of life. She maintains the blog, social media appearances and organizes a  bi-yearly print-on-demand literary journal.

Her poetry collection “Monday Bombs” and “Bombs for Eros“, both highlighting her personal path towards an empowered womanhood, which can be purchased on Amazon, serve as a testament to a newfound personal philosophy.


Bachelor of Arts English Speaking Cultures & German Studies, Universität Bremen, 2017

From Cocoon to Butterfly: “From Compton to Congress” – Empowerment and Protest in Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly


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Academic Papers

Probleme der Definition und der Abgrenzung von Umgangssprache. Antworten auf „Danke“ in der Region Bremen / Niedersachsen


“Ein Leben im Korsett – Gumbrecht’s Materialität der Kommunikation im Song und Musikclip “Gute Menschen” von OK Kid”


“We Gon’ Be Alright”. Analysis of the Relationship between #BlackLivesMatter Activism and Popular Music to Challenge Racial Profiling and Police Brutality


“Un-Buch” oder Protestcollage? Kritische Auseinandersetzung mit der Ästhetik der Zivilisationskritik Brinkmanns: Analyse eines Textausschnitts aus “Rom, Blicke”


Telling it as it is, Mr. President? Strategies of politeness and impoliteness used by President Donald Trump in an adversarial interview setting


Reclaiming Stereotypes. An Analysis of the Continued Struggle to Counteract Stereotyping of African-American Women in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema


A Feminist Perspective on Gender Representation in Nnedi Okorafor’s ‘Lagoon’



“Culture Shock Bremen”, Scheinwerfer Magazin, 2015

Culture Shock

“New Age Perspectives” (Film Review of the 2016 film Captain Fantastic), Bücherstadtkurier Bremen 2017  

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Creative Writing 

Bombs for Eros1

Poetry Collections, Bombs for Eros & Monday Bombs (2017)

the space

Novella, The Space (2017)


Personal Poetry Blog


Publication of a poem as part of the Bubenreuther Literaturwettbetwerb 


“Mit Wachsmalstiften kann man die Wände im Zug nicht bekritzeln”, “Podium im Ufo”, eXperimenta Magazin 11/2017


“Prophet”, Parentheses Journal 2017


“Life Line” & “United States”, Bücherstadtkurier Herbstausgabe 2017


“3 Seconds”, HST Quarterly: Fall 2017


“From Zero to One”

Schönschrift Magazin


“Cherry Lip-Gloss “


Runner-Up in the Limnisa Short Story Competition 2017