Aneka Brunßen


ANEKA BRUNßEN is a recent graduate of Bremen University. With a passion for journalism, blogging, fiction and non-fiction writing and poetry, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English Speaking Cultures, she is extremely active in the realm of expression via the metaphorical pen and paper. Her study focus is cultural studies and literature in fields of postcolonial studies, ethnography, popular culture, critical race theory and gender studies. She has also been involved in research projects in the field of linguistics with a focus on political discourse and is personally interested in philosophy and psychology.

Aneka has written several non-fiction essays, in both German and English, as well as a few short stories, articles, reviews and poetry collections. Her academic work can be purchased via Grin Publishing. Some of her poems have been published in online-journals as well as print magazines. Scheinwerfer Magazine published her article “Culture Shock Bremen”, and her movie review “New Age Perspectives – A Different Kind of Family Drama”, regarding the film Captain Fantastic will be published in the Bücherstadtkurier Bremen. Furthermore, she was the runner-up in the Limnisa Writing competition with her short story “Cherry Lip-Gloss”.

Her personal blog SELFISH SIMILE is a collection of several non-fiction articles and essays covering a vast range of subjects.

She has spent 7 turbulent years in the US and is currently working on several projects including a poetry and photography collection and a semi-autobiographical piece which will be covering much of her life-events and experiences in the United States.

Her upcoming poetry collection “Monday Bombs” will highlight her personal path towards an empowered womanhood and serve as a testament to a newfound personal philosophy.


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